You deserve You

11227559_10206575805825767_7950554309403013891_nQuite honestly, when I was younger, like even my early teens sitting for a pedicure or manicure was pretty much my worst nightmare. I mean, sitting still for a long period of time while someone tickles your feet and has all these torture devices that you have no idea what they are! And now, I am almost excited for when the shellac starts to grow out… how times have changed.

Even now I really do not like sitting still and yes, everything still tickles but the meaning behind the appointment is so different now. Before it was a birthday or special occasion and its a cute thing to do with my mom but now its that one hour I can just sit and breathe and let go. The lovely aroma of the spa, the energy, the everything. Even if just an hour to relax, I can take a step back from the world and embrace the spirit of myself.

I’ve only started regularly getting my nails done in the last month or so and I am so hooked. Since I am in the beauty industry there very much is the expectation of beautifully manicured hands and feet. Before I would oblige to this expectation by conducting a DIY manicure and pedicure at home but it was always such a chore that I did not enjoy doing. It was like “Okay, nails filed, some type of neutral colour so you cant tell when it chips and bam, I am somewhat acceptable” LOL  But really its the same reason we hire professionals… When I looked at my hands…ya they were “done” but I don’t have the years of training and experience. I don’t know all the secrets and tricks for getting that professional look.

Now I love looking at my hands. After seeking the professional help they’ve never looked better. When you can take a chore and create an experience from it, its amazing. A relaxing experience? quality time with yourself? What more can you ask for.

So ladies, do your selves a favour and go take a break even for just an hour, find a salon and the best part every time you look at your beautiful hands you will trigger your subconscious of your memories of peace and tranquility. Ahhhh, now doesn’t that sound nice ❤


Meghan Victoria

3 thoughts on “You deserve You

  1. Day to day life and all the responsibilities can make it very difficult. But you are right, taking time for you is important! One thing I make sure I do is workout, however i’d much rather take that long soak in the tub! Hahaha. Have an awesome day! Koko❀


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