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Playing in the shadows…

I absolutely adore a well blended beautiful eyeshdow look. And whats the number one product we need to create that… you guessed it, EYESHADOW!

This past week I was re stocking some of my favourite products back into my kit, and as I was doing so I really noticed that I tend to repurchase a lot of my products. My reason being, is that if its not broke, don’t fix it. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new products and experimenting but I also look at my makeup kit like my tool box for completing a job and remove the girly makeup aspect. If product A is giving me the texture, pigment, longevity, and price point I like and is over all is completing the job it needs to, I’m going to keep repurchasing. Simple as that.

So today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite eyeshadow brands, YABY and some new and repurchased colours I picked up this week!


First thing you may notice in my photo above is that these shadows appear very small. Yaby shadows are about the size of a dime, maybe a tad bigger. They are small jars of jammed pack soft texture pigment. I love the fact that they are small as they are nice and compact for travel as well I can collect a ton of colours in my palettes. I can try new colours and not have the shadow taking up a ton of room in my kit. They offer both matte shadows and shimmer. As well they have fantastic matte brights which I used to think were impossible to find. And of course, lets chat price point… These incredible little guys retail for around $4.00 each. With pro discount they come to $3.85. I know, amazing right! So even if your a student going off to school who wants to collect a couple shadows that you absolutley love, instead of splurging on a palette where you’re only going to wear half the colours, swing by Blur makeup room in Toronto, or online and you can purchase shadows you truly love and will wear! So now that I’ve explained my love for Yaby shadows, lets take a look and what I got!

    Yaby Shadows


1              2               3               4               5                6                7                8

  1. Antique – I have loved this colour for so long. A beautiful shimmery antique gold olive green shade. I adore this colour smoked on the lower lashline for blue eyes. It is so sexy and alurring and one of my go to shades.
  2. 11874188_10206628215135967_421954513_nPurple Iris – The photo above depicts this colour perfectly. A beautiful neutral jewel tone shimmery purple shade. I could see this being incredibly stunning on olive skin tones and paired with a nude pink lip. Agh, gorg!
  3. Deep Sage – This was the very first colour I was drawn to. I am in love. This colour just reminds me of fall trends. A really true bluey Jade colour. Again with the shimmering jewel tones, so fall. Just love. I will most definitely be creating a fall look inspired by this colour. It’s stunning!  11874188_10206628215135967_421954513_n
  4. Perfect Wine – Could not have said it better myself. One of my favourite outer V tricks is using a wine or deep burgundy colour to keep with the warmth of the other shadows instead of muddying it with black or too cool of a brown. My go to is the wine shade from the Viseart palette but this one looked very similar so I       just  had to try it out. I love a good matte wine shadow!
  5. Antique Bronze – I’ve said it and I’ll say it again… I just love warm tones. This is a beautiful smooth shimmery bronze shade that is perfect for a bronze smokey eye and especially for making blue eyes or cool toned green eyes pop! Bronze is always a little more playful then brown, so get playing !11874188_10206628215135967_421954513_n
  6.  Milk Chocolate – I love this colour and its not the first time its been in my kit. A perfect matte milk chocolate colour. Definitely a warmer brown shade, but steers clear of the red territory. Fantastic shadow for crease work,  and even brows! Must HAVE!
  7. Smoked Maple – This is my most repurchased shadow. It is that perfect midtone crease colour for anyone from light to medium skin tone. Not to warm and not too cool…. just right. LOL. Love this colour and need it in my kit at all times! If you’re looking to become a blending queen, this colour is waiting for you to come give it a home.11874188_10206628215135967_421954513_n
  8. Just Orange – So remember how I was saying Yaby has incredible matte brights well I needed to repurchase this organge shade after smashing mine backstage at a a runway show. 😦 But if you think of a box of crayons, that is this orange shade. Its just straight up orange. They really did a good job on the titles eh! But seriously Yaby matte brights rock my socks! Get on it!

Phew, so those are the shadows I picked up this week. I’ve been using this brand for years now and I can honestly say they are one of my favourite eyeshadow brands. But like I said I love hearing about new products too, so if you have any favourite products I should try out, please leave a comment. Also if you have any ideas for me to post, let me know!

Thanks so much for joining me today and chat with you guys later.


Meghan Victoria

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