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Jaclyn you Goddess!

Do you ever have those moments when it seems like the world is spinning just way to fast, the hour glass is running out and there is just not enough time and you don’t know if you are beyond excited or just completely stressed the F out!?

AHHHH yep, well that was totally me couple weeks ago… The second Jaclyn Hill launched her Champagne Collection Face Palette via SnapChat, girl I sprang from my bed well knowing I had like 20 minutes till this dam thing sold out and hell no, that was not happening! Not toddaaayyy!

So long story short, after trying my cards on the Sephora app which were not working, hands shaking with adrenaline I resorted to calling and waking up my parents at home at like 11:30 at night…. Have I mentioned my parents are the best? Lol. I don’t know why my cards weren’t working but Daddio to the rescue. Transferred the money to him, and bam the palette was mine! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG No you don’t understand I was beyond my self. Like almost crying with how excited I was.

Then like 5 mins later, Jaclyn announced that the palate was sollldddd out!

So now, lets chat about this palette shall we.

This Face Palette is part of the Becca Cosmetics line. And is a Jaclyn Hill collaboration.

It cost $60.00 CND and it is perfection.

First off let us all understand that this is what perfection looks like…

We got it? Ok cool.


This stunning palette offers…. (from left to right) 3 Blushes (Rose Spritz, Ammeretto, Pamplemousse) 2 Highlighters (Champagne Pop, Procecco Pop)

And in a completely reverse order here are the beautiful swatches.

Champagne Pop, Procecco Pop, Rose Spritz, Ammeretto, Pamplemouse


OMG, these highlighters give me life!

So I got my pallete about 3 days later. Crazy fast shipping. I was super excited though because I got it the night before I had 9 prom girl appointments. I tell you, these girls would be glowing! I was so excited to use this palette but funny story, the first 4 girls of my day were so pale this dam thing looked like sparkly bronzer…. lol fail. So word of warning if you are white, like really white this may be a tad to warm for you.

Anyway, this palette has seriously changed my makeup game. I have used it in the last couple weeks on clients and especially on myself for my super glam looks. I have to say that these highlighters make your skin look so dreamy and milky and glowing and just so beautiful!

This is the first look I created with this palette. Using champagne pop, rose spritz and amaretto as a blushing bronzer. I was going to a photoshoot and my hair was in a curl set so ignore the hair but omg, I’m in love with how this palette looks on my skin!


So now we can appreciate the glow? Ok good.

So yes, long lasting, stunning shades, no glitter just shimmer and basically an all around stunning palette. Stop reading this and go get yourself a piece of heaven!

Ps. My header image. Yes this palette was so beautiful I was using it as a table top centre piece. Guilty!


Meghan Victoria

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