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Serves no purpose but looks cute

This half bun hairstyle thing has been circling the Toronto fashion seen and especially street style for the last couple years. Exhibit A.


I did this shoot in 2013 and at the time I thought it was kinda whack. Now at least when she’s rocking it even pulls her bangs off her face but for me if you see below …. this bun thing serves no purpose other then looking cute.


I have no idea why but the last couple weeks I have been rocking this hairstyle religiously. And the beauty of it is that it takes less then 2 minutes to do! Wohooo, who doesn’t love saving time right!?

So let me break it down for y’all.

Now depending on your face shape your going to want to alter this style a little bit in order to suit you. So lets chat.

I have a super square face so I like to keep the softness around my face by adding soft waves to my hair and then I like to keep my bangs and face framing layers down in front of my face to again soften the angles of my forehead and jaw. Β Then to add to the bun, using just the top part of my hair I create my little bun giving me the height to lengthen my face.

So lengthening and slimming of the face? love it.

Now, say you had a smaller face or a narrower forehead you may want to pull your bangs into the bun widening your face.

It’s all about proportions and symmetry y’all. Play around to see what suits you.

Now tip 2, is about the bun its self. I’ve seen girls in the streets rock this look with a little dinky bun on there head and well, tbh I kinda wanna go snip it off…. like girl do you… but also where my scissors at? LOL

Anyway to avoid any strangers giving you a unwanted haircut lets add some volume to our bun because hey, who doesn’t love volume πŸ˜‰

Now all you need is Β some hairspray, a bobby pin or two and a teasing brush.

Start by sectioning off the part of hair you want to bun up. I suggest not taking too much from the sides or you’ll loose a lot of volume in your hair. I also like to do this part kinda messily as to not get a perfect part. Adds to the laid back street style element of the style.

So now that you have your hair sectioned, start lightly back combing it from root to tip. This step will ensure your bun is big and fluffy. And use some hairspray to hold the back-combing. Now we said fluffy not flyaway central, so after you finish back combing lightly brush the section until it is fluffy on the inside but has a smooth outer layer.

Now take this section, twist and pin into your bun formation. Grab you teasing comb and gently tease the sides of your hair to ensure even volume all around. Another quick spray and there we go, effortless glam that actually took like 2 mins.


Meghan Victoria

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