Pamper yourself, love yourself

So in my last post about my day off I talked very briefly about my pampering routine. Well I must say, its pretty in depth and intense. But if you are looking for an at home spa day then look no further. I try and do this routine once a week but thats not always the case. This routine and products have worked for me for years so I really haven’t changed much. It makes me happy, healthy and glowing!

I’m definitely one of those people who’s lives are so crazy that they forgot to look after themselves. So once a week I TRY to pull in the reigns and reset things for myself. I feel better about my self and of course when you feel good about your self you can perform better in everything you do!

Now I’ll start off my saying I’m really not a product junkie. I like to find what works and stick to it. If its not broke, don’t fix it. I also love very budget friendly things and healthy products that are good for my skin which is why you may notice a lot of what I’m going to talk about it is DIY or all natural or as much as possible.

So lets start!

I run the shower and then I go and grab the leftover coffee grinds from that mornings coffee.

I then hop in the shower and before the water gets too hot I go right into wetting my hair and shampooing. I use the Joico green bottle volumizing shampoo. I always have to shampoo my hair twice as its very thick and I really like a true clean feeling.

The next step is to condition. I mix a 1:1 ratio of the Joico Purple conditioner to the Ion Repair conditioner. I feel like the mix of the two allow me to tone my hair but also get the hair repair and nourishment.

I only run this mixture from half the hair shaft down to the tip. I leave my scalp and beginning of the hair shaft completely alone for now.

Next I tie my hair in a bun and let the conditioner really soak through.

* Insert. Once a week I will either let my hair sit in coconut oil for the night..well as long as I can or I will use the Ion After Care treatment mask and let that sit in my hair instead of conditioner for about 10 minutes, then rinse.

Alright, lets get to body!

So now the heat of the shower should has opened the pores in my skin and I do a quick body washing with the love of my life African Black Soap.

Madina-Black-SoapAfrican black soap is a natural soap product made from the earth. It doesn’t irritate your skin but man, you will have never felt so clean!

Ok, I’m now ready for a full body exfoliation.

I grab my coffee grinds and start exfoliating my entire body. The coffee grinds are coarse so they do an amazing job at getting rid of dead skin. Just keep them away from your face as it is too harsh on the face.

Also they almost “snake” your drain so don’t worry about them clogging any pipes.

After my body is all beautifully soft, I’ll do my shaving and rinse off again.

Now back to the hair!

I like to keep my bun in while I run my head under the water. The residue of the conditioner rinsing away will now lightly coat the scalp and root of the hair giving just enough nourishment to it. Then I take the bun out and finish rinsing away any conditioner left in the hair.

imagesAnd lastly on to the face. I like to go back with my African Black Soap and wash my face. Then I take my Enjo Eye pad, run it under the water and exfoliate my face.

This little guy is the best. Essentially its a type of microfibre cloth that gives your face a physical exfoliation. Its the small fibres that slough away the dead skin and leaves your face soft with no other ingredients or chemicals.

Alright, we are now ready to hop out of the shower! Yay!


After I towel dry down I give my hair a quick couple sprays of this ION repair leave in conditioner and toss it up in a towel turban or bun.

The next step is to grab the other love of my life… you guessed it, Coconut Oil and well basically slather my entire, entire body and face.

Don’t get it in your hair!

Lately, I have even been putting coconut oil all over my feet and then wrapping them up in plastic bags and walking around the house like that for a few hours.coconut-oil

Softest feet ever!

Now the only downside to coconut oil and especially if you coat it on thick like I do is that it takes some time to dry. So while its soaking in and drying I’ll take this time to tweeze and groom my eyebrows and then I’m head to toe pampered!

I hope you try and take some of my ideas for your own pampering routines and let me know if you try any of my steps.


Meghan Victoria

One thought on “Pamper yourself, love yourself

  1. Dry feet are the absolute WORST. Going to be trying out this coconut oil trick for sure – I just picked some up because my hairdresser recommended it for helping moisturize a small part of my hair that got in a fight with my straightener recently, hah!


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