The Perfect Day Off

Now in this industry there really is no such thing as a day off. There is always someone to call, an email to write, and an invoice to send. But we do get pretty close. At least I don’t need to leave my house with a 50lb kit and treck through the TTC for an hour. But yes, its close enough to my day off. lol

Well what do we do when we have no responsibilities… well we do nothing.


I like to start my day off by waking up whenever the heck I naturally wake up. Yes, no alarm! woohoo. Usually though this is about 9 or 10am. not much to sleep in unless I’m truly exhausted which is usually Sunday night after a long wedding weekend.

Now once I have woken up, I like to pretend I’m in a dream land. So I will go over and put on my lovely long floral satin robe that basically makes me feel like a Yorkville house wife and pretend that I am oh so fancy.



Now I really enjoy the fact that on my day off there is no rushing so funny, I’m taking my sweet time today! I will always start off with a cup of coffee and sit in my beautifully Pinterest inspired living room. Makes me feel so calm and relaxed. And basically scroll through instagram more then needed.


Once my coffee has made a home for itself in my tummy its time to start the day. Now usually my day off is also my pampering day. (post on pampering routine to come). So I’ll shower, do my routine and get dressed.

Now usually my days off is basically time to catch up with friends. And if you have noticed it appears I skipped breakfast in my morning routine. God no! Breakfast is my favourite meal. I love breakfast food!

My go to breakfast when I have time to make it is 2 pieces f toast with poached eggs. I then top with tomatoes and avocado and drizzle in balsamic vinegar. Oh lordy my favoutie.

Now if I’m going out to meet a girlfriend or what not then I’m usually down for these two things…dessert waffles or Eggs Benedict.


On the left is a Nutella and Banana waffle from Cocoalatte on St Claire Ave W and the other is the Sammy Benny (smoked salmon eggs Benedict with potato waffles) from Starving Artist on St Claire as well.

Two of my favourite breakfast places just minutes from my place. OMG… i should have wrote this article after I ate… depressed now lol.

Have you ever noticed now great girlfriend breakfast dates are? You can split everything because jeez, portions are huge. Guys, its like one for you and then half of mine for you too). It just is funny to me and also dam, my girlfriends and i can talk for hours… but I love it.

So after breakfast I think this means its nail time!

I have yet to find my Go- to nail place in Toronto so I definitely flip flop. I don’t usually do the whole mani pedi shebang but if it is Summer then I will pay my feet a little more attention. Mostly for me though, I just need a nice shellac for  wedding season and if I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll splurge on a french. Oh baby, so nice!

Now all beautified, pampered and full…omg is there anything better I’m good to head home and to be honest after all the sitting of the day, I’m ready to do some house work or something more active. I try and do my sweeping and mopping like once a week to keep everything in order and then I’m ready for some wine and netflix. Hopefully with company still. Hehe.


And while sipping away, chatting and watching the movie I’ll pull out my iPad begin  catching up on the days work life, make sure i’m packed for the next day and then the craziness begins yet again!

*** PSA: lets be real, this isn’t every day off. I took these photos from multiple days off but just imagine this dream day lol. Yea, like life and peoples schedules would allow it but pshhtt, this is a blog. Come hang out with me in my dream world for a sec 😉


Meghan Victoria


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