Glowy, Fresh, Go to Summer Makeup

I feel like my following statement will be fairly applicable to most women… We want to look cute but we don’t wanna look like we’re trying to look cute. You know what I mean? It’s always a tough balance and I find summer to be the worse. The heat, the water, the humidity, the sweat….like what’s a girl to do!?

And I’m not talking about those summer club nights where you wanna doll your self up to the nines… Girl do your thing, lashes and all but for those barbecues, pool parties, pool bars and summer days it’s nice to have a go-to sweat, heat and water resistant makeup look. This one, below I have been loving all summer and I wanted to share some of my tips and products to achieve this look!



Let’s start with the face.

If you have an oilier skin an oil preventing primer is going to be really helpful for you and the the perfect way to start. But for everyone a primer is the way to go when trying to beat the summer heat.

Now based on science here (lol), powder products will be more heat resistant then cremes or liquids of course. So a powder foundation is a great option. For me however; my skin is a normal to dry skin so I do like some moisture as well I like how creme products blend into the skin and don’t sit on top of the skin. Just my opinion…

Ok, so I like to double up my moisturizer and foundation by using a tinted moisturizer. Nice light coverage and light weight feel that melts directly into the skin. It’s perfect. I just take my tinted moisturizer with a big fluffy synthetic brush and buff a couple dots right into the skin. I like to use a tinted moisturizer that is just slightly darker/ warmer then my skin tone. I find that it gives me a nice bronzed effect instead of an obviously applied bronzed/contour. I think it looks more natural.

Now I’m not leaving you here with an ompaloompa face, we need to brighten everything up and give our face back our dimension ! So colour correct your under eyes and then grab your concealer (1 or 2 shades lighter) and apply it to the high points/ centre of the face

1. centre of the forehead,
2. tops of the cheekbones
3. down the bridge of the nose
4. On the cupid’s bow
5. tiny amount on the jaw line

Now blend, blend, blend! perfect!

Naturally highlighted, bronzed and contoured with using very little product. To add the colour back to the face add a little creme blush for a natural flush of colour, a a little illuminzier on the tops cheek bones and now we have will have healthy, glowy skin.

But unfortunately, since it is summer we will need to set our makeup so nothing is sliding down our face while we sip our 4:00 sangria. We really shouldn’t need a lot of powder as the makeup should be thin enough that it melts and becomes one with the skin, not sit on top.

Rule of thumb: every creme product needs to be set with powder.

And like I said I like my moisture so I usually just powder my under eye area and t zone.
That way the skin doesn’t look over powdered but just clean, dewy and fresh!

If I just overwhelmed you with products, don’t be. The key to makeup is a lot of thin layers. I didn’t say “now go ahead and cake on a thick foundation” I said a tiny bit if this … blend, a tiny bit of this … Blend. Etc. it’s the tiny and choices the artist makeup (that’s you) that make a certain look.

I truly believe when you have amazing skin (which we just created/enhanced) your more then half way done the makeup. Truly the rest is easy.

Fill in your brows however you like (brows are so personal) but my tip for making them look nice and natural is to use a brow powder. Brush the brow powder through the brows in light feathery strokes and then brush the brows through with a spoolie, repeat to get a beautifully blended brow. And always remember to set with brow gel.

For the eyes, going with a bronzed summer theme, I like to swipe a wash of a cinnamon, warm brown shade across the eye lids with a big fluffy crease brush and some on the lower lash line for a bit more definition, curl the lashes and then finish with lots of waterproof mascara. Easy! If you want to go the extra step you can even take some of the highlighter from our cheekbones and pop it on the inner corners of the eye and brow bone to open the eyes even more and make them pop.

And of course lippies! This look is actually really great because you can really play around with the lip colour you use based on your outfit or event etc. I tend to go for a more natural “lip colour but better then your lip colour ” kinda colour lol. I was loving this lip combo in the photo so see my next blog post for details on how to recreate it!

And there we have it, a beautiful easy summer makeup that’s cute and casual and goes with any outfit or event you will have this summer! Now finish off with some setting spray or as I like to call it “hairspray for your face” and your makeup will be lasting from sun up to that gorgeous summer sunset.

Continue having fun in the sun!

Meghan victoria

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