Juicy Juicy Lippie Goodness

Alright, in my last post I briefly mentioned that I’ve had this go to lip combo for that perfect juicy, “lip colour but better then your lip colour” kinda colour. Seriously I’m in love and the fact that it includes a liquid lipstick makes it so long lasting. Yasssss. Ok enough babbling let me share with you this super affordable lip combo !

We always want to start off with naked exfoliated lips! All your products will go on so much smoother and look so much nicer. Trust me!


Alright let me introduction our first product: Bumble by Colour Pop. This is an almost burnt bricky kinda colour which will really warm up our lips.

I’m kinda funny when it comes to lip combos. I really like playing around with cools and warms. So what I mean is when I do a lip I’ll usually do a neutral lip liner and line the lips. This would also be the time I would cheat the lip line for symmetry etc. Anyway, so when I have the lip line I’ll go in with a warm or cool toned lipstick then the gloss or second product that goes on top would be the opposite tone.

My favourite is a nude cool pink lipstick with a gorgeous peach gloss on top! Agh so beautiful. But I feel like when you play with the tones you get a really interesting and complete look. Idk why but I just like it. Lol

Ok so back to the combo.

So we have our Bumble in hand now. Today, we’re not using any lip liner as I want the result to be very undefined which in hand looks much more natural then a heavily penciled lip.

So taking Bumble, I put a couple dots on my lips and take my finger and really rub that in. You don’t need a lot at all and you have to work fast since it’s a liquid lipstick. Really rub it in so it is just the pigment that remains on the lips. I just love the intense warmth it gives.

And now to neutralize the warmth I’m take LA girl lip paint in Elude which is a beautiful nude pink pigmented gloss. If we were to put this product on on its own it before it would have looked very ashy and almost like we had foundation lips… Yuck! But because of the warmth from the Bumble underneath it all evens out and looks like a stunning pinky peachy nude lip!

Yep that’s it, two products that will be long lasting and this combo is oh so beautiful and perfect for summer!


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