A Very Real Telling of My Heart Break

2. Still Day 2 – So Many Pretty Things

I guess its like goose bumps. You can start reading here, or if you want the back story come check here… regardless enjoy, and hope you leave with a smile on your face ❀ https://meghanvictoriablog.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/when-the-lightning-strikes/

So I had a pretty crazy morning and I’m hitting that “what do I do with the rest of the day” part of my day… which as we know leads to overthinking, looking at the past instead of the future and basically spirals down to re reading old convo’s, looking at the most perfect photos and amongst all these other non beneficial behaviours…sobbing.

Yeah not doing that. So lets channel our energy into something more positive and write.

So hello, last entry we were at about the middle of Day 2.

Today is mid day Day 4 but there is still just so much to say…

So the rest of my Day 2 was basically spent Pinteresting, making lists and just getting myself inspired. New bedroom decor, narrowing down my Pinterest board to concisely see the themes in this bedroom makeover. Que the super tiny sneak peak…

I usually would focus on more at a time but my apartment has been under construction for the last 5 weeks… SHOOT ME lol so I do not have much in my control of changing, fixing, or organizing…. BUT I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT TO MY BEDROOM… and I shall.

I also thought this would work excellently for a Back to School kinda video for my channel so feeling good.

Anyway so I did have quite the productive Day 2.

And like I promised you, I cried like 5 more times that night, woohoo.

But when my mom got home I was ready for some good ol fashioned RETAIL THERAPY!

We only had an hour but between 8 and 9 we hit up Home Sense where I got some new bedding. A gorgeous blush quilt and these really dainty feather bed-sheets, (you’ll see on you-tube, don’t want to give too much away )

Seriously so pretty, and totally with my pinterest board. Basic white girl heaven lol

So with the remaining 20 mins we scooted over to Winners just to peruse the isles because lets be real, Winners is Amazing!

I found the CUTEST FREAKING PURSE! Seriously love it.

I just wanted to get a smaller purse as I love to carry giant bags with way too much stuff and hurt my back for no reason at all.

So yes, new purse. Super cute, 30$ Vegan. Total score.

Also got this lingerie top thing that’s all lacy and pretty and came in a set of 2 for $16.00.

Because in this day in age you can wear a lingerie crop top thing and no one will say a dam thing about it besides “omg so cute! where’d you get it” DING DING!

So anyway, after an extremely successful shopping trip we headed to the car. Another lovely ride home with mama and we just kept joking how its so great to have bedding NO ONE HAS SLEPT IN!

And if I were to have a guest than I need to implement a BYOB rule.

Bring yo Own Bedding Boy!

Like fitted sheet, duvet, pillows, bed skirt and all!


But seriously the rest of the night was just spent watching a ZILLION Kalyn Nicholson motivational videos because that girl is Goals heaven… and she has me now totally going to start meal prepping.

Nursed a nice glass of wine and then, zzzzzzzzz.

Now just a quick check in on how my mental space was that day. Honestly the thought that I know this is the best thing for me and the idea of moving forward to a better life and better me REALLY have been helping me get through the day. I’m sleeping and feeling pretty good. I really want to make major changes and I am totally ready too. But realistically there were definitely moments in the day that I would break down for like 20 seconds then I would just be very mindful of what was going on. I would take on the feeling, accept the feeling

“yes Meghan this sucks, your in pain, but its going to be so much better then before”

and then let it go.

“ok crying literally does nothing, go do something productive, get back to life” and just that simple self talk was really, really helping me.

On another note holy hell guys, I really wish I had an invisibility blanket this week. Like I am soooo not doing the “OK, I’m single, who finds me hott?” thing, I swear I want even less attention then when I was even involved. Like, I was hating knowing guys were looking at me and was just like ugh yuck, stop. The eyes burn, Seriously ZERO interest. Interesting self observation.

But lets move on to Day 3…


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