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5. Today Didn’t Suck

So as we have talked about, there are up days and down days,


Ima capitalize on it and tell you guys about it…. Give you some hope that its not all anxiety attacks and tears lol.

Alright let me basically replay my Instagram story for y’all !

So first off I came home to Toronto last night after a wedding booking with my mama. We ordered some sushi, went and picked up some PR packages and then basically attacked the DISASTER of an apartment that my landlord and renovation guys left me with. Like guys they put the “new” kitchen in but didn’t even take a minute to wipe down the saw dust that was everywhere etc…. yeah… eye roll. eye roll.

Anyway so Debra Darling and I cleaned my apartment for a solid couple hours and got SOOO much done, productivity for the win. I was insanely hyper singing at the top of my lungs and just spewing whatever was coming out of my mouth.

The blessing of my mama, nothing surprises her and she’s never judging.

AKA release the crazy.

So basically I thought I had my own stand up comedy show and boy was I hilarious… career change? Β πŸ˜‰

Mama and I were pissing ourselves laughing, belting out a bunch of broadway and good Ol Rock and Roll songs and just being absolutely ridiculous.

It was wonderful.

After feeling like we just flipped a house because we got so much done, I showered and passed out.

Fast forward to this morning I went to work, mama drove home.

Work went well, 99% of the time it does. Jeeze, I love what I do.

Then I headed to Kensington market for a last minute brunch date with my oldest friend…like meeting when we were 4 years old kinda friendship. Last few years has been trickier keeping it alive but its always nice when you haven’t seen someone in forever and when you come together its like you saw each other yesterday. Super blessed.

And yes look at me reaching out and making plans. Freaking patt on the back Meghan.

Anyway, super wonderful catching with her. Like 2 hours of chatting non stop kinda catching up. Guys, I can talk…..like dayuummm

So one mini tearful uber ride home and we arrived home.

What is with me and crying in an uber…. Girl, save that shit for private.

Well I got in the door at say 3:30, and sat on the computer.

Now I haven’t had coffee in quite a while so I think that was taken its toll on me. Cuz jeez, my adrenaline had come to play.

I got some good invoicing and emailing done, uploaded my pre filmed video aha and then I was like …. well now what…. So….

I logged on Spotify and needed a good motivating playlist and in my recommended was a nice heart break/ break up playlist.

Hmm, don’t really feel like crying sir John Legend… But I liked this idea….

So I searched for “angry heartbreak” hehehehehehe.

Even though I am not angry and things didn’t end angry, man oh man is it FUN to scream and belt out these angry heart break songs.

So basically my afternoon was spent head banging, jumping around, letting out some good emotional Shhtttuffff and CLEANING!!!!

Omg I can’t explain how good a cleaning dance and belting party is.

So freeing, empowering and DUDE, your space is like freaking clean and beautiful…

What more can you ask for.

So now I sit here feeling productive, organized, put together and quite a bit less overwhelmed than yesterday…

Agh peace.

Tonight I’m going to be trying out some lovely bath goodies from Loucks Of Love. Going to have a lovely pampering session, burn some candles and eat my left over sushi before a nice early bed time.

Now tomorrow may be a shit show and all the feels may come rushing back with the turmoil of heart break.

But hey, thats tomorrow.

I choose to focus on the present, focus on self love, focus on self care and go turn the tub off before my bubble bath over flows πŸ˜‰

Ta, Ta for now


A little less of a heart broken girl ❀

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