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4 Must have Spring Time Makeup Palettes

I don’t know about you but I am so over winter, like so over it.

So this morning, I really wanted to sit down and bring in some really romantic, soft and rosy tones to my makeup to channel a bit more of a fresh spring vibe!

I am loving how this look came out so before we get into the palettes please feel free to view the full tutorial on my youtube channel linked here…

But moving on, lets chat about some perfectly gorgeous spring time palettes.

I have four that I wanted to mention as I just keep reaching for them over and over when Im trying to achieve spring time freshness and all of the glow!





Sigma Warm Neutral Vol 2 (Click here)

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Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol 2

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My goodness this palette came into my collection about 2 months ago and it has been an everyday grab since then! There is such a lovely selection of both really smooth matte shades and then ultra shimmery reflective shadows. The pigment is out of this world and they blend like an absolute dream. I have about 30 or so Instagram looks using this palette ( , as it quickly became such a go to of mine!

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Quick tip: Mixing passion fruit and toasty gives the most gorgeous transition shade. Just a lovely rosy brown town to start the foundation of any look!




Pixi Romantic Radiance

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Pixi Romantic Radiance

This palette gets a special mention because of the most beautiful texture of these blushes. I am in love. These blushes have a beautiful pigmentation to them , I love mixing the peach and light pink together for that perfect rose gold flush but what made this palette stand out for me was the shimmering satin finish of the blushes. They glide like butter on the cheeks, and then give the most gorgeous glow to the skin. Not like a shimmering highlighter type glow, but these are that glow from within, no glitter just a pure radiant finish. In love!

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Pur Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette ( Click here )

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Pur Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette

Code: MEGHANVICTORIA at to save $$$

This palette has something that so many palettes lack…. beautiful creamy matte shadows and especially light shades. It is so dam hard to find good light shadows that aren’t chalky or patchy. I was so impressed when this palette came into my life because of these gorgeous matte shades. They blend so smoothly and have so much pigment. Private Party has been my go to for a brow bone highlight or all over lid shade. I can’t believe how well formulated these shades are and I love that this palette covers both warm and cool tones with added pops of shimmer for extra glam!

Pixi Sweet Glow Palette

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Pixi Sweet Glow Cafe Don Dulce Palette

I am a total sucker for anything shimmery and iridescent… and this palette has those two covered to a T. These 9 multi purpose iridescent shades can be used as highlight, eyeshadow, lip toppers the list goes on. What I love about this palette is that the pure undertone of the shade really comes through. If you are wanting a rosy, romantic pink toned highlight you really get the pink coming through. The shades have enough depth to them to be used as bronzers or highlights or just to add some more dimension to your look. !

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So there we have it, 4 must have palettes when your trying to rid your self of winter, bring in the freshness of spring and take your makeup game to the next level!

5 thoughts on “4 Must have Spring Time Makeup Palettes

  1. In your spring time fresh video can you tell me what you used as your very first product that gave you a tan radiant glow to help with matching your spray tan?



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