Oh My Mella <3 NEW PUPPY

Ive been wanting to sit down for a while and share the story of how this absolute angel came into my life and how she has brought so much love and light to my heart and life.

Ah Mella. My perfect perfect puppy. Alright kids, lets chat!

So I have wanted a dog since basically the beginning of time ! I used to put on performances for my parents singing songs that I had changed the lyrics to about getting a dog. You know ” I will Survive”? Well, I had made that whole song about how our family had saved this abused dog and now he is singing the “I will survive” because he has left that abusive situation and is now in our loving family lol.

Oh to be 10 years old again.

So yes, I would often sit my parents down, put on my shows, present my lovely powerpoint presentations with all my facts and knowledge…. and well, never seemed to work !


That is until one day we were leaving my soccer practice years later and one of my team mates was selling there dog. My mom thought this would be a good opportunity to take him home for the weekend and show us all how much responsibility it is to have a dog.

Well, lets just say at the end of the weekend, 4 month Max never went back. Everyone fell in love with him, he had such an amazing temperament and personality, he immediately became part of the family and the rest is history.

So now here we are 10 years later, Max is at home and well lil miss Meghan had been out of the house for 5 years with no puppy companion…


I had been talking more seriously about getting a dog in the last 18 months but a lot of people around me were pretty hesitant with my on the go lifestyle. Now, I am finally at a place where things are taking off for me in my career and in turn that is allowing me to work from home a lot more and finally having a dog somewhat made sense in my hectic crazy life.

Now we all know I am dealing with a break up right. So of course, my first instinct when I found myself single 7 months ago was OMG LETS GET A DOG. But something about me is I really don’t like the idea of crutches. I did not want to use a puppy as a way to forget my pain and not deal with it. And also I didn’t want to expose this new baby to my depressive energy. So for the betterment of everyone I put the thought away for some time.

Then, a couple healing months later, I found myself waking up at my parents house after a great party with family and friends and having this complete subconsciously unexplainable urge and need to check kiji that morning. So I did!

“Apricot Maltipoo” search. ENTER

There she was. Front cover photo. It said the add had been posted 3 hours ago, and I checked the map location, it was a 10 minute drive from my parents house.

Like, so meant to be.

I had messaged so many breeders before and either lost contact or they didn’t respond or  most of the time I was just too late and the puppies were already gone ….

But this time, everything felt different.

I sent a text to the number and immediately got a response back. I set up an appointment for viewing in the next hour and then I conveniently asked my mom to “come for a drive with me” without fully addressing the puppy issue. But she always knows when I’m up to something and she still agreed  so we were in the clear aha.

Now to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting to get a puppy that day. It was more like I was just taking the next step in the process. Thats how I was viewing it but alas….

We pull up the house, meet the man outside and he invites us in. OMG puppy heaven. There was a litter of six, with only one apricot. There were four other women looking but I swear when I walked in that room, Mella ran right up to me and it was basically love at first sight. She didn’t leave me alone for a moment the whole time we were there.

The couple who were the breeders were so incredibly knowledgable, had so much experience and had me feeling so confident and assured in the whole process. Just very genuine and authentic professionals.

So as we are talking to the breeders, my mom has all these puppies cuddled up in to her and she is melting like the little mushy mush she is, she comes out of no where… ” Well Im home tomorrow if we want to pick her up then”

I’m sitting here jaw dropped, like exxccussseeee me, that just come out of your mouth!  You just have to pull on the heart strings and my mom melts…. but like so do I.

So next thing I know, I have my moms approval which is always so important to me and now Im sending over the deposit and hollllyyyy helll, I just bought a dog!


So we say goodbye and we are both high as a kite leaving. So much excitement! Now, we have to shift from excitement into lets get shit done mode cuz, well…. I have nothing prepped for bringing a puppy home in less then 24 hours !

So as we drive home we start brainstorming and listing all the things we need to get organized. I wasn’t going to go crazy, just yet so we really stuck the basics.

We went to Walmart and picked up a leash and collar. And then I went on a Buy and Sell Group and grabbed a crate of a local girl so that was all easy and done with.

The breeders had given me a bag of sample food and I know I had dishes at home I could use for food and water for the time being.

So after cramming my head with research we picked her up the next day. Oh My Goodness I may cry as Im writing this. She is seriously the cutest most loveable creature I’ve ever seen. So yes, we picked her up and headed back the big city.

25395927_10213327621656943_7611250698551451825_nAs for her name. Let me tell you this girl is one fiesty, fiery, spunky bundle of joy. She has soooo much energy and loves everyone. Now if I was to get a boy dog I really loved the name Mellow. But since she is a girl, I decided Mella. Because she is my little toasted fiery marshmella ! Also the fact her hair grows out white then turns apricot. She really does look like a toasted marshmallow. Ah, I just love her name and it suits her perfectly!

As for our current situation. Honestly, I thought she was going to be a lot more work then she was. She just has always been such a loving, friendly, happy puppy that nothing has been an issue. She is definitely very clingy so the first few weeks of sleep were tough as she didn’t like her crate and wanted to be with me and she cried her fair share. I was pretty sleep deprived the first month or so. So crate training was the hardest. I had her potty trained in under 2 months consistently so that was great. Like don’t get me wrong, its frustrating and challenging the first while but now I look back after having her for 3 1/2 months and I’m shocked at how adaptable and well she’s done. I was very regimented the first 2 1/2 months with a good routine which I think really helped the training. Now things are much more laxed, but we have our own little routine, and have totally found our groove.

As of recently I’ve started taking her to the dog park which is quickly becoming one of my favourite things to do. Just to see her playing and happy and all the other puppies, its such a great environment and puts such a smile on my face!


But yes, she is so wonderful. Every groomer, vet and just person in general always comments on how lovely she is, or her confidence, (trust she’s a little diva and she knows it) and everyone always says ” wow you got really lucky”  but I really believe we were divinely guided to each other so its not luck, its just fate ❤

@mellathefluffbutt for more pictures ❤



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