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Product Launch: Sigma Beauty Expands Wicked Collection

OOOOH guys, today I am excited. The sun is shining, my coffee is hot and Sigma beauty just launched a new product!

If you are an avid makeup lover I can safely assume you’ve tried the cult classic gel liner in Wicked from Sigma. Black as night, transfer proof and just an incredibly bomb liner!

WELL KIDS, Sigma has graced us with the expansion of the Wicked collection with two new products!

Can you guess what they are?

We now have not only a gel liner, but a liquid pen liner and a smokey pencil liner.

Ya’ll we are set! So lets dive in.



This is a smokey look I was able to achieve with this liner. Super matte black and creamy. You get enough working time to smoke and smudge but then that baby is set in place with an 8 hour wear time and water resistant.


This is a clean cat eye look I was able to achieve with this liner. Super matte black and quick drying.  I personally find the pen a little stiffer then to what I personally prefer but really its how you’d expect a pen to be.  Personally, I like a soft brush tip applicator works the absolute best for me but if you like having more control over the placement of your liner you’ll like the pen. Its very black and quick drying. Easy to stamp on the eye, just wasn’t my absolute fav in getting the wing portion but if that sounds familiar to you then you’d love the Line Ace liner from Sigma. Its so black and the brush is extremely flexible. So many liner options for whatever you prefer!  But back to the pen, if you like the structure of a pen liner you’ll really enjoy this one. 8 Hour wear, (but I’ve worn it much longer then that without budging) water resistant and I did get this banging cat eye so lets let the product speak for its self on this one 😉


Now for my over all thoughts. I continuously am using the pencil. It’s great. I can smudge in my lash line, line my waterline and now that my makeup is only smudging when I actively am blending. After it sets, its set for the day. Pencil is great. As for the pen. It is a good product. Looking objectively it is a good product. But for me personally, its not my cup of tea. Just too stiff an applicator to what I prefer. With that being said with a stiffer applicator it does allow you to follow a stamping technique and that can be very helpful for beginners.

Now just for fun, leave me a comment letting me know your favourite liner style? Are you smokey or cat eye? Let me know down below !

No affiliate links were used in this post but as always please feel free to use code MEGHANVICTORIA whenever making a purchase at Sigma Beauty

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