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If you’ve been around me and my channel for a while you know that I have a holy grail foundation, the love of my life if you will: the Ultra Hd stick foundation. So, when I heard that Makeup Forever was coming out with a new foundation, I had a lot of mixed emotions. Is it going to live up to my Hd stick? No that’s not possible… but what if it’s better? Is it going to replace my love and confuse my heart? I don’t need another love triangle in my life lol. But in all seriousness I just wasn’t sure about anything. This foundation was kept pretty top secret so I didn’t know much either until I received the PR package and info that came with it.

So what did I learn before even applying it?

I learned that this new foundation : Matte Velvet Skin was matte and full coverage… two descriptors I usually loathe for foundation.


So why did I still want to try it?

I tried to like full coverage and when I tried the Colourpop foundation about a month ago and unfortunately it solidified all my fears I had about full coverage matte foundation: That it would be cakey, drying and mask like. And showing all of the texture!!! BUT as this was makeup forever I had a good feeling the experience would be different. I am a huge fan of Makeup Forever and they consistently launch top notch products and therefore I knew if they were putting their name behind this launch it had to be special. And of course, I know you guys want to know what’s up!

So if you are looking for the in-depth, let’s get down and dirty with this new foundation then please check out my video here as I cover my thoughts, first impressions and application.

Now since I wasn’t able to do a full wear test I wanted to come back here and give you my final final thoughts. I got to observe the foundation for a good length of time and I’ve had a few days to contemplate my observations.

Alright we are back! I hope you enjoyed seeing the product in action and now let’s chat time line.

Here is the foundation completely freshly applied under the makeup light to show true colour, texture and tone.

Over 12 hours later… bit of different story….



I put the foundation on at 2:30 ish in the afternoon and well 12 hours later I found myself getting home from a birthday party a little buzzed and a “little”…. well completely a sweaty mess lol. We had such a great night at my moms friends 50th but I really put the foundation to the test jumping and dancing around hours on end. This completely unedited and unaltered clip was taken moments after I got in the door.

So as I’m sure you can see, the foundation didn’t break up, did not cake or get patchy, doesn’t look dry or flaky like most full coverage foundations and well overall looks healthy. The sweat is sitting on top instead of breaking the product up and I’m overall quite impressed… we just won’t mention my lips aha! Also you can still see how red and warm my body is and that my face is still staying pretty covered. I can see a little of my redness peaking through on my forehead where I know that I did wipe up there a couple times with napkins trying to get a little less sweaty, and a little on my chin where I was wiping with my hand to make sure my lipstick didn’t transfer. So basically anywhere that their wasn’t friction applied to the product and just regular wear and tear and sweat it looks pretty great and the tone difference in my face and body is pretty substantial to show the amount of coverage the product provides.

But the thing I really want to make note of is that my makeup that night never felt heavy or mask like. I often talk about the fact I hate the feeling of makeup or when anything feels heavy on my face. This was one of the few times I wore full coverage makeup and it felt no different then my usual makeup. Shocking.

Another thing I’d like to address that I mention in the video was that the swatches of the foundationdried down much darker then when first applied. That bothered me until I saw that was something discussed and talked about on the Sephora website. There is a clear swatch chart with both the wet and dry swatches which clearly communicates the differentiation of the swatches making it very clear and helpful for the consumer which  I appreciate.

So I had a great experience with the wear, feel and look of the foundation and then the next day I had even more observations.

Again, I mention in my video that I swatched the foundation shades on my arm. Well the next day As I was getting out of my aunts pool (which I had been swimming around around 3 hours) I looked down and realized I forgot to remove the the swatches and there they were, still on my arm! So HELLO waterproof. That I couldn’t believe, it had been over 24 hours with a few of these hours having been submerged in water and there the swatches still were. Shook.

So what are my final thoughts? Well after wearing the foundation for over 12 hours, partying, swimming and living my life I am extremely impressed with the formula. A beautiful natural velvet matte finish, long lasting super breathable and comfortable full coverage (never thought I’d say those two things in the same sentence) and over all a fantastic product. I am going to definitely raise caution to the fact the wet swatches can be quite deceiving, so even if you think you know your shade in other similar products I would advise going into store to ensure you find your right shade and giving your swatches proper time to dry down.

But at the end of the day I am very happy to add this product to my collection and I think it will be so great for nights were I wanna go out in full glam, full coverage and not worry about my makeup coming off even if I end up at a greasy diner at 4 am after dancing the night away! My new city girl staple! Aha



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