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Sharing a Moment

Meghan80_websizeI’ve always found transitions really hard. I like to feel settled and nested OR like a free wanderer floating around with zero attachments. Always the extremes. But that in between phase is rough for me… the process of going from free and wild wanderer to cozy and nested. I’ve just been away for 2 weeks shooting all around this province and finally I am back in my home and my bed. It feels good to be home but it always takes a few days for it to feel like mine again. While subsequently feeling both overwhelmed with to do’s and also complete boredom here I find myself yet again. But I try to remind myself that instant gratification isn’t always the answer. It’s the process in which we can find the most fulfillment, peace and growth. And that goes so much further then just coming home. But it’s a way to look at the transitions and changes in life. Yes the in between can be uncomfortable but day, by day, one step at a time we may find ourselves becoming more nested, more grounded and our home once again starts feeling like home once more.

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