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SEPHORA SQUAD 2019 : I need your help


54436967_1101043340098623_1261095972558077952_o (1).jpgOMG OMG OMG !!!!

To say I’m shook is such an understatement but somehow out of thousands and thousands of applicants our little community stood out and we are now a semi Finalist in the Top 90 for the first ever Sephora Squad !

Like wow! It’s not our follower count that got us here but the incredible community and connection we have and our passion for beauty, makeup, self love and empowerment.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me and ya’ll know I ain’t lying when I say…. it’s just the beginning  ❤️

If you would like to help out more in getting us a final spot on the Sephora squad then engagement, engagement, engagement !

Please comment and like, share posts and get involved in our community!

Instagram and YouTube are my main but also if you would like to leave a testimonial click right here :

Every bit helps, thank you so much!
#spehorasquadsemifinalist #sephorasquad2019


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