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Hello my lovely friends, followers, MVP’s, supporters from a distance, lurkers, commenters and everyone in between lol. Alright kids, lets chat. So…. I have spent the last few days really getting introspective ; taking some quiet days and maybe shedding a few tears lol. So basically the Sephora list came out on Friday and extremely unfortunately I was not on the final list. And yes, I was and am still pretty disheartened.

When I first applied to the Sephora Squad I was on set and basically spent 20 mins typing like a madd women into my phone filling out the application, tears streaming down my face as the questions really were quite personal and really had me reflecting on this whole journey. I then sent off the application, without even reading it over as I felt my words poured from my heart and that didn’t need a second look, it just needed my authenticity.

So the next step was gathering testimonials. Man, it is so uncomfortable to be like “ hey friends, can you go to this website and say you like me” SO NOT MY STYLE. But I put my pride aside and asked you guys for help. I was so OVERWHELMED with the messages you guys sent. Like full on shock to receive such support and realize just how many people are really in my corner and how many lives I actually bring joy and value to. That is something I do struggle with and I am very aware of but I definitely am one of those chronic “everyone hates me” kind of people. It is what it is, based on life experience etc etc. So truly your kind words were truly life altering for me. Yes I know I am dramatic but this whole experience was such a turning point for me and such a breath of fresh air.

And then we made the Semi Final list. I was just leaving my yoga class and checked my phone and there was the email. To be honest, I really wasn’t confident that I would make the next round.  Even the instagram hashtag had thousands of applications so I knew the odds were slim. And realistically at the end of the day it’s a business. I’m very aware of that fact. Sephora is a business and being a small account I’m not the most logical investment for them. But alas we made the top 93 out of what I’ve ow been told over 10,000 applications. Literally insane. I cried, it was a lot. We all saw the instagram stories lol.

So then all the semi finalists were asked to log into this program @fohr and it divulged all of our demographics and statistics of our followers, or content etc etc. We were told it would use this data to determine the final list. At this point I realized it was out of my hands. But still I needed to something to feel like I was helping my chances. So I spent the next two weeks updating all my media kits, my instagram captions, really focusing on creating more and better content and just doing anything in my power that I could. I’ve always been someone who will give 110% and do anything I can to make something happen. I work hard y’all lol. But it’s taken me a couple days and some good reflection to realize that I did all I can do and sometimes ….. it’s just out of your hands. This decision wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about my content, it wasn’t about my talent, impact or influence, it was just for whatever reason there were other influencers and accounts demographics or stats that served Sephora’s Squad’s needs better. And I really am happy for those who get to partake and revolutionize the beauty community !!

This would have been an amazing opportunity but I know that regardless of brands or who is here beside me I have created this community with you guys and at the end of the day if I have you and I have myself then we can and will accomplish so much together.

So again, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the support you guys give. It goes further then you realize and I am so appreciate and fortunate to share this platform with you.

On to the next adventure!

Xo, Meghan

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