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New Moon in Taurus



So maybe I’m bias but I am really feeling some kind of way to this New Moon in Taurus. Besides the fact its my birthday this week making me a proud Taurus, I think the whole ” fresh start, moving forward vibes” are really hitting me in the feels this time around. I’ve been going through a lot lately and I’m so ready to let go of that baggage and bring on the new, bring on the fresh and just continue on my journey of growth and moving forward.

So if you follow me on instagram you would know I’m quite into my baths. I love running a good bath.  Music, a glass of wine, my epson salts, candles, sage, crystals, … you name it. (Lavish Taurus up in here… as I sit writing this with a glass of wine, slippers and a face mask lol). But when its the New Moon or the Full Moon my bath time also becomes ritual time. A time to pause, create a beautiful atmosphere, reflect, reconcile, and check in with myself.

So for those who aren’t too familiar with the New Moon and the Full Moon the very simple version the Full Moon is a time to release the past; what not longer serves you and clear out your energy to make room for new positive things to enter your life. So that brings us to the New Moon; the time to manifest. The New Moon is all about creating intention, setting goals, manifesting dreams and starting fresh!

Tonight I wanted to go through my usual New Moon bath routine ; lighting my candles and sage, meditating while holding my crystals to my heart, thinking and reflecting about my life and my goals and writing down my intentions. The only difference in my routine tonight is that instead of setting my intensions and goals in my journal, I am going to share them with you. Hopefully this can give you some ideas on where to start if you are looking to get more into rituals and manifesting and if not anything else; this is giving me a larger platform to proclaim my intentions and goals and give them life !

So without further a due, here are my New Moon Ritual Intentions and Affirmations ….

I feel confident in myself and do not need others for validation.

I am stylish and feel good in the clothes I am wearing and I feel authentic in how I present myself. 

I am abundant in lucrative career opportunities that I am passionate about as both an Makeup Artist and an Influencer.

I have strong relationships with family and friends and I make time to do fun things and gain positive life experience.

I choose to do things for the joy of it not solely focused on the return investment of my choices. 

I live in a beautiful comforting space that I take pride in and I feel it reflects my creativity and style. 

I feel a strong and ever growing bond to the community I am creating through my online platforms. 

I am abundant in my finances and feel confident and comfortable in my relationship with money. 

I am making meaningful, helpful, and fun content for my subscribers and community and feel passionate and happy doing so. 

My community online continues to grow larger and stronger. 

I am consistently working out, going to yoga and eating clean, good food. 

I feel confident and happy in my body and the booty’s poppin’ 

I am continuing to deepen my spiritual practices, feeling more and more connected to the universe and source. 

I feel secure and loved in my relationship. I am sweet, nurturing, loving and a strong woman. I am treated with kindness, understanding and love. 

Mella is happy and healthy and we grow our loving bond. 

I continue to inspire my viewers to live as their most authentic selves as I do the same. 

I am a sought after makeup artist in high demand. 

I have created a successful lavish makeup studio that I consistently have lots of in studio client appointments.

I spend time reading, writing in my journal reflecting on my present and manifesting my dream life, and making healthy decisions to nurture my soul. 

I accept myself for my strengths and accept my self for my weaknesses while still working on coping strategies to over come my challenges so that I can produce my best work and put my best self forward in all that I do. 

Until next time,



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