Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel Meghan Victoria, so today ladies and gentlemen…!
Just kidding, besides that being my intro to every video I make on youtube and social media you are here at my blog so welcome, welcome, welcome!
My name is Meghan Victoria. I am a 22 year old freelance makeup artist from Toronto, ON.  Being a full-time freelance makeup artist I have a lot of talent and knowledge to share with the beauty community and the education to back it. So with the urging of friends and fans, I started my youtube channel in October of 2016 and started to focus my Instagram on just beauty content from July 2017 onward.  In this short amount of time, I have gathered and cultivated a community of over 14,000 beauty loving subscribers and followers. I know that in the big world of social media 14,000 is small in comparison, however, I can not believe how close I have become with my MVP’s (Most valuable players of the Meghan Victoria Party.) The support, loyalty and love I have for and from my community has been incredible. There is such an understanding of authenticity and trust between us. I, of course, love filming my content but recently I have found another love, and a way to connect even more with my community; my Instagram live videos. My MVP’s all around the world consistently tune in with me and we sit for hours and have the most amazing time learning about new products, teaching techniques, playing with colour, getting creative and just all around sharing life events and supporting each other!
I have been so fortunate that my fan base and quality content has led me to make this new venture a new job! I have been able to develop both professional and personal brand relationships through passionate collaborations and partnerships keeping my MVP’s up to date on all new launches and all the incredible beauty products out there for them!

Now we are onto out next venture, starting a blog! I really do love writing so I am so excited to have yet another medium to express myself and keep you all up to date on the latest and greatest products, tips, tricks, techniques and all things glam and fun!

I look at life like a collection of experiences and I want to get the very most out of my life. I love to laugh and have fun and be silly but also to reflect and become better acquainted with myself. I know my life is destined for big things so I am here to put that energy out into the universe.
Let’s have some fun, let’s stay smiling and let’s get glam! Xoxo